Sunday, September 27, 2015

Accountability Group Starts 10/1

Part of being#Inshapeforever is acknowledging when you need a little #kickinthebooty for some #serious #motivation

I admit I've been off-track and eating crap but I'm not going to wait until #january1st to start a#newbeginning

Whether you have some#dvds you have tried but never completed, OR you want to start a new routine but you're not sure where to start, OR you just want to use that gym membership you've been paying for for months ....this group is for YOU!

 If you're ready to make some goals and not only meet them, but surpass them, then get ready to be motivated, get insired, and turn your dreams into reality! 

Comment below your email or message me directly at coachfreezeframe34@gmail to join my exclusive group! 




Friday, July 31, 2015

In Shape Forever Montly Newsletter starts August 1, 2015

I'm super excited to release my In Shape Forever monthly newsletter starting August 1st, 2015.

I have a ton of ideas and I can not wait to share my mission of becoming In shape not only physically but also spiritually and mentally!

I'll be adding information on free groups, recipes, motivation and inspiration!

To join my newsletter list, comment your email below or email me at coachfreezeframe34@gmail.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letting Ourselves Forgive

After church today, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow mother at lunch.

We had a powerful discussion about why it's hard for us to forgive others, and more importantly why it's hard to forgive ourselves.

Don't get it wrong, it's an amazing responsibility God has given us to be mothers, but that responsibility can weigh heavy on our heart, our minds, and we can often lose track of who is really in charge.....God.

While I'm still struggling to "figure it all out," I know that while I'm in the storm right now, that there is a reason why it's happening. Something positive will come from it; I just can't lose faith in others, myself, and more importantly my God.

After lunch, we prayed and while driving home, I glanced over to read a church sign. It read, "Forgiveness means setting the prisoner free who you find out was you all along."

I'm not going to lie, forgiving isn't easy, but no matter what someone else has done to you....your family....or you have done to yourself. You'll never be free unless you forgive.....

#Learn #Live #Grow

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why You Should Never Give Up

I know I haven't been posting consistently.

I am probably like quite a few people....I have plans; I have ideas; I have goals; I have a hard time asking others for help-I would rather do things on my own, that way the success or lack thereof is soley on me.

I am struggling right now because I know I can do more to help others; I want to help others; I want to be able to trust and rely on others again.  I want to feel like I'm living my life to the fullest....serving God's purpose for me. I want others to know the can trust me.

Tomorrow is a new day.
While I may be feeling today like I should do more....
I can and I will be doing more to help others.
Tonight I'm praying that God shows me how!

Good night!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

An Honest Review of Beachbody's '3- Day Refresh'

When the box first arrived at my door, I have to admit....I wasn't exactly too sure I was going to love doing the 3-day Refresh, which is a program designed by the company, Beachbody®.

A few of my friends had plans to complete the 21 day program called "Ultimate Reset", but I wasn't ready for that yet....I was used to taking baby steps towards my fitness goals.

I had never completed a "cleanse"...."detox"....or any "juice diets" before so I wasn't really sure if I was going to like it....let alone complete the whole thing. But, I had been feeling tired, bloated, and just plain miserable so I decided to give it a's only 3 days, right?

I read over the booklet which came with the program, and I started to feel like maybe I can do this! I wouldn't be starving....I would be eating clean for 3 was something that my body, mind, and soul definitely needed....a break from all of the junk I was feeding it!

I planned to start the program on a Monday; although, I would recommend starting on a Friday so that you have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to complete the program....But, ultimately, the choice is yours! Choose whatever day works best for you!

I went shopping for the foods I would be eating during the program. I was surprised that I didn't spend a ton of money. The foods I purchased were foods that I normally buy; although, they usually go bad before I eat them! This program would be make me be accountable for my spending and food intake! 

The items I bought for myself and used throughout the programs, include:
1 cantaloupe;
3 bananas;
1 pack of grape tomatoes;
1 red onion;
1 package of celery;
1 package of carrots;
2 cucumbers;
fresh green beans;
5 lemons;
water (a gallon of purified water for each day)
1 box of organic green tea 
1 ginger root 
1 container  of hummus
1 avocado (which I learned I do not like!)
The other ingredients I already had available at home, included:
vinegar (apple cider; red wine; balsamic)
Extra virgin olive oil;
Coconut oil;
Himalayan sea salt;
seasonings- chopped basil; chopped parsley; garlic

The 3 Day Refresh™ kit included: 

The program guide (the FYI's on the program as well as lists of allowed foods, recipes, and the daily meal plan.

3 packets of vegan chocolate Shakeology(the program is also available without shakeology if you already are a Shakeologyconsumer. (If you want to know more about Shakeology™, you need to contact me!) Shakeology is consumed for breakfast each day.

3 packets of Fiber Sweep (a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers designed for a healthy digestive system), which is consumed mid-morning each day.

6 packets of Vanilla Fresh (a high protein shake which is dairy and soy- free to help satisfy hunger) , this is consumed with lunch and dinner each day.

The Night Before '3 Day Refresh'

I would not recommend what I did the night before "3 day Refresh'. Most people would start implementing small changes into their lifestyle, but me? I stayed up late watching tv, snacking on chips and indulging in a few adult beverages....AGAIN....I would not recommend doing that, but I'm only human...and being honest.

When doing the program again, which I definitely will, I will be implementing changes so that my body isn't in too much of a shock going from processed to clean!

Day 1-

8-10 oz. of water after waking up. 

At breakfast time, I wasn't too hungry....remember how I stayed up late, eating and drinking? Yeah, that's why I wasn't hungry...I was still full from the night before :(  But, I decided that I was going to stick with the program, so I made my shake (shakeology), and followed the program from here on out. I also had a banana, which is an approved fruit, followed by a morning tea (organic green tea) and my mid-morning Fiber Sweep. 

Lunch- I had my fruit, vanilla fresh shake, vegetable, and healthy fat (I discovered I REALLY don't like avocado!

Snack- I decided to try the "juice option" and even though it tasted fine, about 10 minutes later, I was wishing I ate I settled on sipping my tea....and waiting until dinner time! 

Dinner- My biggest mistake was making my dinner the night before. I let the tomatoes and cucumber soak in vinegar ALL night. The cucumbers tasted like pickles....about 20 minutes later my stomach was upset because of all of the vinegar (once fault!)

Evening Tea time- I thought I would be in bed early; I started to get tired, but decided to take a bath, and I got a second wind. I then decided to savor my tea and go to bed and be ready for day 2!

Day 2-

8oz. of water after waking up. Today I added freshly squeezed lemon to the mix! 

I didn't complete any workouts during day number one- so I decided I would do a little bit of exploring on #BOD (beachbody on demand). The program suggests light to moderate workouts,  so I decided I would do a little bit of PiYo. The stretching was good and was needed. My body was sore from all of the detoxing.

Breakfast- I was doing better with having shakeology and fruit for breakfast. In the past, I wasn't able to "just have a shake for breakfast." I usually have an upset stomach because of all of the vitamins and minerals...But I think that having the water as soon as I wake up is making it a lot easier on my body! 

Afternoon tea- Organic green tea

Followed by the mid-morning Fiber Sweep. I learned the faster you drink it, the better.....Think mix.....and drink....drink.....drink....The longer you let it sit, the clumpier it gets....

Think drinking sand is awesome???? Yeah me neither! 

P.S. Shake your fiber sweep in your Shakeology or other mixing cup....don't try to mix in a water bottle like I did! Adding more water only adds to the amount you still have to swallow, so less water and less waiting...just mix and drink....Trust me....Mix and drink! 

Lunch- Vanilla Fresh shake and lunch options- 1 fruit; 1 vegetable; 1 healthy fat. I opted for cantaloupe, an assortment of vegetables (so I could share with my daughter (and save the rest for snack time), and hummus. I was feeling pretty good after this meal....and had to force myself to eat the snack later on! 

Snack- leftovers from lunch: 

Dinner- I was on the go- so I stopped at the grocery store. I should have done better planning for the others in my household for what they would be eating while I was on the 3- day Refresh but I didn't. So I decided to hit the store. It was actually easier shopping than I expected. I was in...and out...and I made myself a salad. I didn't use dressing, but added a little bit of salsa on top (although salsa isn't on the list- but it's a lot better than some of the other alternatives.) 

Vanilla Fresh- I consumed around 8pm since I was out and about. I started to get really hungry.....all because I skipped the vanilla fresh. This is one reason why I would not recommend doing a 3-day cleanse without specifically designed products! 

I had my tea late this night- around 11pm and wasn't in bed until around 12:30. I woke up early....around 5am with a bunch of energy....but I was really sore. I decided to drink water, soak in a warm bath, and I took a nap from around 6:30am to 7:30am and I felt a lot better! (More of a reason to try this over a long weekend!) 

Day 3- Last Day! Wahooo! I woke up after my nap feeling like I was going to finish this NO matter what! 

Water after waking up.

Breakfast- I was in a habit now and loving the convenience of having Shakeology and a fruit option for breakfast! 

Tea about an hour later. 

Fiber sweep an hour after that. 

Lunch- Cantaloupe, vanilla fresh, water, celery and hummus 

Snack- Home made juice

Afternoon Tea time 

Dinner- Dinner was a little bit of a struggle. I had lemony green beans (recipe from the program guide) and  I was at a function at my church. There were a lot of temptations there- a litany of my favorites: pizza, chicken wings, cookies, salad (with bacon, cheese, and croutons!), and chocolate! But, I was strong and consumed my vanilla fresh shake and green beans knowing that this was the final day and hours....and I was so close that I was not going to give up! 

Evening tea- I decided to work out a little more heavily this evening and I completed a video from my collection of 21DayFix ™ dvds with my friend. After the workout, my friend offered my an adult bevearge, and I politely declined. I was looking forward to seeing my results in the morning, and I wasn't going to let a little (or a BIG) drink get in my way! I had gone this far and I wasn't turning back now!

The next morning! 

Getting on the scale, I was excited to see that I had dropped 3 pounds but I was even more excited to see 4  inches lost overall!  

What I Liked-
I like that the program is focused around teaching you to make healthy choices. I'm not a huge vegetable and fruit eater, but the program made me realize how much my body loves...and even craves healthy foods, not just junk!

I also liked the flexibility; there was numerous meals to chose from; you don't have to eat the same things for 3 days straight. I decided to keep my recipes simple and stick to things I like, but for the next round, I plan to venture out and try something new!

I liked that the program was simple, and that's the way it should be. It was literally fool proof.

My Recommendations-
First, learn from my mistakes, and don't stay up the night before bingeing! Make small changes daily, swap out that burger for a salad, or start drinking Shakeology for breakfast!

Write out your meal plan so you know exactly when, where, and what you will be eating! No surprises... and no telling yourself you'll figure it out later! (that's when you're most likely to cheat!)

Get some sleep! Go to bed at a decent time and wake up feeling refreshed! I did the opposite! I tried to stay up late and sleep in....Enjoy this time of "resetting your body" instead of trying to run on "E"!

Don't plan to travel while doing the first round! You don't have to stay confined to your house, but if you are venturing out, make sure you have a plan so you don't give in to temptations...because there will be some....there will always be some! Stay strong! You got this!

Join an accountability group!  You don't have to do this on your own! Take advice from someone who has done the program before! (Like me!) (Want an accountability partner?- Email me! 

My Results!

Want to join me on my next round of 3-day Refresh ....or learn more about the other programs BeachBody® offers? 

Leave your e-mail below and I'll be in touch!
(OR else Email me- 

If I can do can too!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

30 Day FREE Challenge!

I love challenges, whether it is a 3-day refresh,  5-day clean eating, or longer like #21dayfix.

But, my favorite challenges last all month long!

I am super excited to host a 30 day challenge involving the Beachbody on demand videos!

Plans are to mix it up with #upper body, #lower body, #cardio, #abs; working all areas of the body in a fun, motivating way!

I would love for you to join me and see what #BOD is all about!

Feel free to post your email to get signed up!

Group starts June 1st so don't delay!

Message me with any questions!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Family Friendly Pre-Game Warmup for Football Fans!

In just 5 minutes, you and your family can be all warmed up and ready for....the SuperBowl!

You'll be ready to leap off the couch and cheer for your favorite team, or make a mad dash for the bean dip before your family members!

It's simple and easy!
Doing so at your own pace...slowly or quickly!
We don't want any sideline injuries today or any day!

1 minute jog
1 minute stretch
1 minute of bringing your knees to your chest. (One at a time or together for a tuck jump)
1 minute low stance....quick feet. Don't bring your legs up too high for this one! 
1 minute to cool down and stretch!
You did it!

*Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program no matter how fun it can be!* 

A Healthy Shakeology Recipe that Tastes like Dessert!

If you love chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas as much as I do, you may be surprised that you can add them into your Shakeology to make a delicious and healthy meal replacement!

One of my favorite recipes is:

1/2 to 1 packet (or scoop) of chocolate Shakeology (available in vegan chocolate too!)
1 medium sized banana ( you can peel and freeze before adding and you won't even need ice...nice!)
1 scoop of peanut butter or (PB2)
1 cup of milk (or milk substitute) I love almond milk, especially when using the vegan chocolate!
Blend and drink.....Yum!

* Fun additions- 1 scoop of greek yogurt, 1/4 cup of cooked oatmeal, 1 sprinkle of cinnamon*

Now that is a fast food I can eat and not feel guilty about!

What's your favorite smoothie or shake recipe?

Not sure what Shakeology is, or even if it's right for you? Contact me to find out how you can transform your health in 30 days (or you don't pay!)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Focused Fitness Fun!

 So, my goals for 2015 are to get focused on my family, faith, fitness, and finances.....What better way to try to meet my goals than to do a fun, family focused fitness challenge....that is FREE!

And I'm inviting YOU to join ME! 
  • Participate in fun fitness activities designed to get the whole family involved in a healthy lifestyle! 

  • Easy to follow tips adaptable for any age group!

  • Closed Facebook group with accountability, motivation, and fun runs February 1-14.

We're keeping it simple and driving the mission to make it adaptable for everyone! So that means those with little ones, those who want to get family members involved but aren't sure how to include them long-distance, or just plain...anyone and everyone....moms, dads, grandparents, singles!

  • No matter how small or large your fitness goals are, you are welcome to join us for these two weeks!

  • We're pairing up our fitness activities with some recipes even the pickiest pallets can enjoy!

All you have to do is comment your email address below and I'll be in touch! 

P.S.  Here's a preview and printable calendar!  Family Focused Fit Calendar

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

FOCUS 2015

It's the last week in January of 2015 and I know I haven't exactly done my best job at keeping my New Year's resolution, but the great thing is....I don't have to wait until next year to start! I'm not giving up! I have the power to change today.....this hour......this.very.minute!

My resolution this year is to FOCUS!

My FOCUS is focused on 4 "F" words.....and NO, not ALL "F" words are bad!

My FOCUS is on Family, Faith, Fitness, and Finances!

I know how hard it can be to multitask especially when you are trying to FOCUS, so instead of focusing on a HUGE goal, I'm breaking it down into little manageable tasks! I'm going to FOCUS on the small things that will add up to make a BIG difference!

 Having at the very minimum one dinner a week with family;
Planning a time when all electronics are put away and we can just LISTEN to each other

Showing more gratitude instead of attitude;
Devoting 15 minutes in the morning to prayer/meditation;
Becoming more involved at church
Not being afraid to share my faith

Starting with eating a healthy breakfast;
Trying to incorporate vegetables into each meal; 
Working out more "on" days than "off!"

Deciding between my WANTS and NEEDS
Creating a budget and sticking to it!
Being accountable for ALL spending

I know all of these won't happen overnight, but the amazing thing is, I want to be FOCUSED, but I've been struggling with it. If you have all of your four "F"'s figured out, feel free to share how you get FOCUSED! I'd love to read your comments! 

 P.S. Check back in at because I've got BIG things planned for this year to get us all FOCUSed in 2015!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sharing Equals Success!

This has to be one of the top scariest thing I've ever done.

Oh, I've taken "before" photographs in the past.....many......many, times.

And I usually hope that no one sees them. I keep them until I've hit my "goal" or my "after", and then I share....and then if things don't go as planned, then I delete, delete, delete!

But, this time is different!

Honestly, the only thing scarier than taking "before" pictures and hoping that no one sees them is actually knowingly and willingly sharing them!

Yes, that's why it's one of the top scariest things I've ever done.

Why is it SOOOO scary?

It's scary because there in no "after" picture.....yet!

Why would I want to share my "before" pictures before I have my "after" pictures?

My Top Reason- There isn't anything in the world that will make you more accountable than knowing that you're sharing your story and pictures in real time!

I am SO sure that I will have amazing results that I'm not waiting until the "after"; I'm sharing the "before" and the "currently"....

I am ready to complete my programs the way they were designed to be completed. And that means for me:

  • Working out when I would rather not
  • Making smarter decisions and eating cleaner
  • Realizing when I am hungry vs- stressed, bored, tired, thirsty
  • Making time instead of trying to find time (If you're looking for extra time, you'll never find it....Believe me, I've looked for it everywhere!) 
  • Sharing my successes and failures with others who may have been in the same situation before or are currently struggling.
 I know I've been personally guilty of looking at "before" and "after" pictures and wondering if they have been altered, re-imaged; if they were really done in the time frame they said; or if the pictures were even the same person.

I'm hoping that when I have my "after" pictures, I won't be the same person.
I won't be the same person who is tired of being tired.
I won't be the same person who is asked by strangers if they are pregnant.
I won't be the same person who is told the only way to lose their belly fat is to get a tummy tuck.
I won't be the same person who is destined to be a certain shape.

I am ready to work hard and see REAL results in REAL time!
If you want to follow my journey, and see my daily pictures....starting today 1/1/15, then feel free to follow on instagram at:

Don't be afraid to share your journey from start to finish!
Don't wait until you hit your perfect "after" pictures to share your story!

 No matter where you are starting from....or where you want to go.....success will happen when you share!

Even if you're not ready to share pictures, don't be afraid to:

  • Share your ideas
  • Share your goals with family and friends
  • Share inspiration
  • Share motivation
  • Share recipes! 
Thanks for joining me on this mission to become #inshapeforever!

Happy New Year!