Thursday, April 4, 2013

When the Unexpected Happens

While I was traveling home for Spring Break, I experienced an unexpected snow/sleet/freezing rain storm through the mountains of West Virginia.

This unexpected event parallels events that can happen in our lives.

We are traveling along the highway, obeying all traffic laws and rules of the road and something beyond our control detours or causes us delays.

Of course it's frustrating, aggravating, and unnerving but how we handle ourselves when the unexpected happens defines who we are.

We could get mad and beep our horns; we could scream out the window or we could take a deep breath and enjoy the company of others (or the company of ourselves).

Try to appreciate the unexpected opportunity no matter how hard it is especially if you have young ears and eyes in the car. They will observe your behavior and sense your coolness or lack thereof. They will imitate you too.

Stay safe and calm out there especially when the unexpected happens!