Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letting Ourselves Forgive

After church today, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow mother at lunch.

We had a powerful discussion about why it's hard for us to forgive others, and more importantly why it's hard to forgive ourselves.

Don't get it wrong, it's an amazing responsibility God has given us to be mothers, but that responsibility can weigh heavy on our heart, our minds, and we can often lose track of who is really in charge.....God.

While I'm still struggling to "figure it all out," I know that while I'm in the storm right now, that there is a reason why it's happening. Something positive will come from it; I just can't lose faith in others, myself, and more importantly my God.

After lunch, we prayed and while driving home, I glanced over to read a church sign. It read, "Forgiveness means setting the prisoner free who you find out was you all along."

I'm not going to lie, forgiving isn't easy, but no matter what someone else has done to you....your family....or you have done to yourself. You'll never be free unless you forgive.....

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