Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Focused Fitness Fun!

 So, my goals for 2015 are to get focused on my family, faith, fitness, and finances.....What better way to try to meet my goals than to do a fun, family focused fitness challenge....that is FREE!

And I'm inviting YOU to join ME! 
  • Participate in fun fitness activities designed to get the whole family involved in a healthy lifestyle! 

  • Easy to follow tips adaptable for any age group!

  • Closed Facebook group with accountability, motivation, and fun runs February 1-14.

We're keeping it simple and driving the mission to make it adaptable for everyone! So that means those with little ones, those who want to get family members involved but aren't sure how to include them long-distance, or just plain...anyone and everyone....moms, dads, grandparents, singles!

  • No matter how small or large your fitness goals are, you are welcome to join us for these two weeks!

  • We're pairing up our fitness activities with some recipes even the pickiest pallets can enjoy!

All you have to do is comment your email address below and I'll be in touch! 

P.S.  Here's a preview and printable calendar!  Family Focused Fit Calendar

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

FOCUS 2015

It's the last week in January of 2015 and I know I haven't exactly done my best job at keeping my New Year's resolution, but the great thing is....I don't have to wait until next year to start! I'm not giving up! I have the power to change today.....this hour......this.very.minute!

My resolution this year is to FOCUS!

My FOCUS is focused on 4 "F" words.....and NO, not ALL "F" words are bad!

My FOCUS is on Family, Faith, Fitness, and Finances!

I know how hard it can be to multitask especially when you are trying to FOCUS, so instead of focusing on a HUGE goal, I'm breaking it down into little manageable tasks! I'm going to FOCUS on the small things that will add up to make a BIG difference!

 Having at the very minimum one dinner a week with family;
Planning a time when all electronics are put away and we can just LISTEN to each other

Showing more gratitude instead of attitude;
Devoting 15 minutes in the morning to prayer/meditation;
Becoming more involved at church
Not being afraid to share my faith

Starting with eating a healthy breakfast;
Trying to incorporate vegetables into each meal; 
Working out more "on" days than "off!"

Deciding between my WANTS and NEEDS
Creating a budget and sticking to it!
Being accountable for ALL spending

I know all of these won't happen overnight, but the amazing thing is, I want to be FOCUSED, but I've been struggling with it. If you have all of your four "F"'s figured out, feel free to share how you get FOCUSED! I'd love to read your comments! 

 P.S. Check back in at because I've got BIG things planned for this year to get us all FOCUSed in 2015!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sharing Equals Success!

This has to be one of the top scariest thing I've ever done.

Oh, I've taken "before" photographs in the past.....many......many, times.

And I usually hope that no one sees them. I keep them until I've hit my "goal" or my "after", and then I share....and then if things don't go as planned, then I delete, delete, delete!

But, this time is different!

Honestly, the only thing scarier than taking "before" pictures and hoping that no one sees them is actually knowingly and willingly sharing them!

Yes, that's why it's one of the top scariest things I've ever done.

Why is it SOOOO scary?

It's scary because there in no "after" picture.....yet!

Why would I want to share my "before" pictures before I have my "after" pictures?

My Top Reason- There isn't anything in the world that will make you more accountable than knowing that you're sharing your story and pictures in real time!

I am SO sure that I will have amazing results that I'm not waiting until the "after"; I'm sharing the "before" and the "currently"....

I am ready to complete my programs the way they were designed to be completed. And that means for me:

  • Working out when I would rather not
  • Making smarter decisions and eating cleaner
  • Realizing when I am hungry vs- stressed, bored, tired, thirsty
  • Making time instead of trying to find time (If you're looking for extra time, you'll never find it....Believe me, I've looked for it everywhere!) 
  • Sharing my successes and failures with others who may have been in the same situation before or are currently struggling.
 I know I've been personally guilty of looking at "before" and "after" pictures and wondering if they have been altered, re-imaged; if they were really done in the time frame they said; or if the pictures were even the same person.

I'm hoping that when I have my "after" pictures, I won't be the same person.
I won't be the same person who is tired of being tired.
I won't be the same person who is asked by strangers if they are pregnant.
I won't be the same person who is told the only way to lose their belly fat is to get a tummy tuck.
I won't be the same person who is destined to be a certain shape.

I am ready to work hard and see REAL results in REAL time!
If you want to follow my journey, and see my daily pictures....starting today 1/1/15, then feel free to follow on instagram at:

Don't be afraid to share your journey from start to finish!
Don't wait until you hit your perfect "after" pictures to share your story!

 No matter where you are starting from....or where you want to go.....success will happen when you share!

Even if you're not ready to share pictures, don't be afraid to:

  • Share your ideas
  • Share your goals with family and friends
  • Share inspiration
  • Share motivation
  • Share recipes! 
Thanks for joining me on this mission to become #inshapeforever!

Happy New Year!