Sunday, January 31, 2016

Letting Frustation Build and Letting Go

Let's cut to the chase! This week has been a stressful and busy one! I have tons of things to say, but I'm too exhausted to type it all out! Between birthday and work parties to emptying the last bit that was left in our church before it's going to be demolished, it's been a long and hard week!

Often when we have a week like this, we let our negative thoughts build.....and build.... and build, and instead of letting it go in a positive way,  we just explode. But after we explode,  there can be feeling of sadness,  remorse and even  guilt especially if we exploded on someone else. ALL too often we don't give ourselves breaks throughout the day to just breathe and let go of all of that negativity.

So this week I want you ( don't worry I'm going to do it too) to go on around your day and your week normally and  would you just allow yourself to take as many breaks as needed to just breathe??? You deserve it; your family deserves it; I deserve it; we all deserve it! We all have something positive to give so don't let that negativity shine through!

Have a great week! ❤


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