Sunday, January 10, 2016

Keeping up with Resolutions

Let's be honest..... It's now the 2nd week in January and a lot of us have probably forgotten all about our New Year's resolutions already! A few of us will get off track and start back up, but quite a lot of us will give up too soon. We can forget why we started in the first place, or after a few minor setbacks, we're ready to throw in the towel!

Here are some tips:

◀Don't do too much too fast too soon!
Change one habit and once that is mastered, focus on another until you have changed everything you want to change!

◀No matter how hard it is, do not give up!
◀Enlist the help of family and and friends! Ask them to join you in a lifestyle change!
◀Be aware that everybody is unique and don't just pick some exercise or diet fad because you know someone who had success with it! Play into your personal interests and likes/dislikes
◀Don't be afraid to get help from professionals. From dieticians to trainers to coaches, these professionals may be well worth the investment to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent injury.
◀ Have fun! Don't make your goals be too lofty that it's not fun to cook, clean, and just live!
◀Create a schedule that works for you and your busy lifestyle.
◀Take time to get organized. Organize your car, house, and lifestyle!
◀Most importantly, love yourself each and every day!

Happy Sunday!


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