Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finding the Right Church for YOU

I started attending a local church that ran a series on marriage. They currently are running a series on childrearing, and I have to be honest, it's hitting me hard. I've visited lots of local churches trying to find the one that most resembles the ones I attended back "home."

I grew up in a household in which my mother was Catholic and my father was Methodist. I was baptised Catholic but confirmed Methodist. I grew up attending a large church in which there was definitely a "family" feeling.....or connectedness. Families knew my family, and I gained friends that I still are in contact with today. That "feeling" or "connectedness"   was what I was looking for.... something that I wanted my own child to experience.

After I moved away from "home", I attended larger churches that were Catholic....or Methodist.....but the one I fell in love with is neither of the two.

It's actually the small church that I lived right beside when I lived in the neighboring apartment building. I never went on a Sunday for many years because I never thought of myself as a "Baptist". I was actually kind of afraid that by attending a church which was different than what I was used to would mean I was turning away from my roots.  I wondered if this would displease God? Would I be judged because I'm supposed to be Catholic....or Methodist....would I have to fit into a stereotype?     

It all started when a friend invited my daughter to attend Vacation Bible School at the Baptist church, I remember thanking her for the invitation but saying, "Thanks, but we're not Baptist." She replied, "EVERYONE is welcome to attend."  So we would attend the VBS every summer.... and then we started attending their Wednesday small groups and community meals intermittently....then we started attending Sunday mornings sporadically....until it became clear....The reason that connectedness was missing wasn't because it wasn't was because I wasn' family wasn't....I wasn't helping to create that feeling by sleeping in.....or making excuses.

I still love my church back home, and there will always be a place in my heart for my family there, and I can have that no matter where I live. So, don't be afraid to attend that church that you're not really sure about, or you have questions about...or you feel like it's different than what you've been accustomed to.

Don't sell yourself short because God never will!  

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