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Phase 3- End of Ultimate Reset! Complete Review

Let me start by giving you a brief overview of what the Ultimate Reset is: 

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program. 
In these 21 days, you follow a recommended meal plan and supplements.
In just 21 days, the Ultimate Reset can help you gently restore your body to its original "factory settings," to help you:
Flush your organs of toxins *
Improve your digestion *
Increase energy *
Have a more positive mood and better focus *
Lose weight (and improve your BMI) *
Lower your cholesterol *
Eliminate dependencies on sugar and caffeine *
Improve your overall health. *

* In an open-label clinical study, 50 participants followed the Ultimate Reset's supplements and clean eating program for 21 days. After the program, participants in the study achieved healthy weight loss and experienced significant improvements in several key markers of health, including improving their BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure level already within normal healthy range. * 
**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.** 
The following are MY results only.

In those 21 days , you will be taking your body through eliminating items from your diet that may be causing anything from inflammation to bloating. You start off eating a pretty regular balanced diet with items like meat, fish, eggs, and yogurt. When you finish the 21 days , you will be on a vegan diet which is focused on plant-based protein and centered around healthy fruits and vegetables.

I'll be the first to tell you that I know I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. For me, this is one of the top reasons why I drink Shakeology. I know that my diet just not get me all of the vitamins, minerals and probiotics that I need to function at an optimal level. 

I'm busy - I'm a mom, a teacher, a blogger, a coach and I am on a budget. Shakeology fits into my budget, so why would I not be drinking Shakeology during the Ultimate Reset? The answer is : while during the Ultimate Reset , instead of drinking your calories , you want to be aware of how you're eating, what you're eating and actually chewing your food. For me , I spent these 21 days actually paying attention to what I was eating and removing the distractions caused by eating while I was working at the computer or eating while I was watching TV. I spent the time eating focused only on the food and I stopped when I was full. It was NOT a starvation diet, NOT a "cleanse" or a "SHAKE DIET." I was eating real food that was available in the stores- I found most items in the regular grocery store and the speciality items- like seaweed or tempeh were available at Whole Food. I have to admit the first week was expensive- I spent over $100 on food. But, weeks 2 and 3, I spent less and less because items like seasonings could be used over and over again. Week 2 I spent around $50 and week 3 I spent around $30.  I was actually surprised at how much food there really was to chose from. I've experienced foods that I would never normally make myself- like miso soup....and I learned that I do not like sea weed one bit! 

I will give you a little insight into the menus for the different phases. 

Phase 1: Reclaim- 
Supplements include: Power Greens, Mineralize, Soothe, Optimize.
Sample meals include items like: scrambled eggs with toast for breakfast. A micrgreen salad with miso soup for lunch. Baked salmon, asparagus, and potatoes for dinner. (After day 2, there is no meat or fish). Week 1 is all about removing  the animal proteins. 

Phase 2: Release- 
Supplements include: Power Greens, Mineralize, Soothe, Optimize, Detox. 
Sample meals include items like: fresh seasonal fruit plate for breakfast. Quinoa-Lentil pilaf, cucumber and tomato salad and avocado for lunch. Hearty vegetable miso soup, 1 cup cooked quinoa, and 1 cup steamed swiss chard for dinner. 

Phase 3: Restore- 
Supplements include: Power Greens, Mineralize, Soothe, Optimize, Revitalize. 
Sample meals include items like: fresh sesaonal fruit plate for breakfast. Asian cabbage salad, avocado, and miso soup for lunch. Baked sweet potato and garlic veggies for dinner. 

****All recipes for each phase are included with the program including salad dressings! ******

I have to be honest , there were many days that I was tired and I laid down and took a nap. There were many days that I would sleep in and I was able to since I'm a teacher and I was off for the summer. I picked these 21 days specifically for a reason. I knew that I wanted to finish up before the school year started. And that's exactly what I did. Part of me regretted starting it because I felt like it was going to rush me through my summer break... that I was going to lose time.... that I would be so focused on what I was eating or what I was not eating and then I would just be miserable to be around. But what I learned about my body was- that I can function by cutting out meat-I'm still getting protein; I'm still getting the carbs that my body needs. I learned from doing the Ultimate Reset was that instead of trying to rush through the program... instead of just trying to get finished for once... I was able to just enjoy the process enjoy each day even if it was hard and I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it through, I knew that I would; I trusted in the process and if I needed support, I would really rely on my challenge groups- they would answer questions and lend support and since they were either currently doing or had done the program, they knew exactly what I was going through.

When I start a new program, I usually will be on point for about three to four days, then I will start cheating. The Ultimate Reset really made me realize that I can make it through without cheating and honestly I did cheat! I had things that I wasn't supposed to have- like bacon, pizza and sandwiches. You know what??? I don't regret it!!! I don't feel bad about it; I don't feel like I need to redo the whole process because I "messed up". I acknowledged my cheats and realize that it was all a part of the process for me- for learning something different about myself and that I didn't need to beat myself up for having a piece of pizza or bacon or whatever it was that I had. 

I learned that I realize very heavily on my workouts to get me through the day... to get me through my life... to literally calm the craziness. I sweat out my emotions- the frustration- the anxieties- the worries- the depression and honestly I wasn't sure what I was going to do with cutting them out but since my body was in detox mode, I didn't have the energy and the stamina to put in an intense workout that was going to burn 500 calories. So a few of the days, I took a yoga class. I also did some Tai Cheng workouts, or some days, I would take a walk, a swim, or a bicycle ride.

Moving forward, now that I've completed the program and I've learned so much about myself (You may not have known that I hate taking pills, medication, supplements...anything that I have to swallow...but I did it; it wasn't so bad; I survived). I now can finally devote myself to a new workout plan and not feel guilty or selfish about devoting those 30 minutes a day to myself. I know that I need that time and I'm looking forward to adding back in vegan chocolate Shakeology I have really missed it so much- more than I ever thought that I would! It's funny how something as small as a shake can literally change your life. I'm excited to start Country Heat workouts and slowly bring back the foods that I've eliminated!  I've thought about keeping up with a vegan lifestyle and these are a few of the things that I plan to do :
- surround my meals with fruits and vegetables
- drink my Shakeology for breakfast so that I know I'm getting in the healthiest meal of the day
- encourage others in my household to try to eat healthier foods and not rely on processed foods for every meal
- to continue to cut out / rarely go to fast food restaurants
- to continue to check into my challenge groups and to give my clients and customers support no matter what challenges they're going through
- to continue to push play everyday and make time to get my workout in

I'm a pretty clean eater as well, with my normal cheats and sweets. The biggest thing I was concerned about was possibly losing muscle from not working out, but that didn't happen. I was 153 when I started and dropped to 143. Anything under 150 and I'm happy. My goal weight is about 130. I'm only 5'2". Ultimate Reset definitely helped give me the kick start I needed to get out of my "funk", and appreciate my workouts once again... You know what they say "You'll miss them when they're gone"....and I did miss the workouts and the shakeology!  I'm thankful I did the Ultimate Rest; even though I didn't have "extreme results." P.S. I kept the grains in the last week. If I would have eliminated them, I'm sure I would have dropped more weight too. 

If you would like more information about the Ultimate Reset, to see if the program may be for you, or if you would like to try any of the other programs, please email me at I will always recommend that you consult with your medical provider before starting this or any program especially if you have any medical concerns or conditions.
I look forward to hearing from you! If you have completed the Ultimate Reset before, please feel free to comment below! If you have any questions, feel free to post those too!

If you're looking for a shortened version of the Ultimate Reset, ask me about the 3 day refresh or check out my blog post here:

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