Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Phase 1 of Ultimate Reset Progress

I am so excited to share with you my progress and results from the first week of the Ultimate Reset program. The first phase I completed is called "Reclaim." I will start by telling you what the Ultimate Reset is and isn't. First off, it is not a diet, it's not a cleanse, it's not drinking shakes all day....IT is eating real starving! When you are doing the ultimate reset, you are spending 21 days learning how to feel to take care of your are taking care of yourself by learning how and when to much water to drink and at what are giving your body time to rest and also release all of those toxins in your body....not just the physical toxins....that negative energy and those negative thoughts too!!!

During my first week, I admit that I cheated. I had a piece of peach and prosciutto flatbread with fresh mozzarella. OMG was it good!!! I didn't beat myself up. At that very moment, I didn't care about the reset....I didn't care about my progress. I cared about eating that food! Other than the one cheat, I stayed on track!

In one week, I've lost 7.5 inches....
my BMI has decreased by 1.1....
my body fat has decreased by .4...
and I've lost 6.2 lbs!!!

Now I know what you're's all water weight....You'll gain it back when you start eating the junk again.....That my results aren't that much....but I'm happy to report that while phase 1 is over....I still have two more phases to complete! I can't wait to see and share where this program takes me!!!!

Bio- The author, Julie Freeze is a high school teacher, independent team beachbody coach and a certified PiYo instructor. In addition to her degree in education, Julie has completed a program in personal nutrition, sports nutrition, and child nutrition as well as personal weight loss.

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