Friday, August 15, 2014

Letting Go of Control Does Not Equal Out-of-Control!

I find it amazing how much I've changed over the past few years. Some changes have been great, others not so great, some have been by planned and executed perfectly while others....well, not so much.

I went from not really controlling or feeling the need to control anything and just going with the flow to the exact opposite. Not only wanting, but feeling the need to control all aspects of my life and the others around me.

It's not really a great feeling, and I much rather want to feel calm. That's not to say that I won't stand up for myself and fight for what is right, but it does mean that by not controlling everything, I can regain my life back.

I can be happy to plan out events, but then also be happy when events don't go as planned.

I can be happy to let go of control and put that in God's hands, and be happy with the end result.

I can understand that letting go of control does NOT mean that I'm out-of-control and that makes me VERY happy :) 

How do you balance your wanting/needing control and not letting it consume your life? ......Just let it go.....and enjoy your life ;)

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